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Drunk Driving Jail

There are many penalties associated with drunk driving. Probation, community service, loss of driver’s license, expensive fines and alcohol abuse treatment are all possibilities if you are convicted of drunk driving. But of all these consequences, the most feared is jail time. While you may be under the impression that you won’t receive jail time due to a drunk driving conviction, think again. Even first-time offenders may receive time behind bars.

Enforcing Jail Sentences For Drunk Driving

Since 1980, drunk driving laws and penalties continue to become stricter. Some states now have mandatory minimum jail sentences and those that don’t are considering this as a possible drunk driving penalty. Because jail time is one of the harshest and most despised punishments, states hope that enforcing mandatory minimum jail sentences will deter many people from drunk driving.

The length of your jail sentence depends on a number of factors. Jurisdiction and the severity of your drunk driving case are factors the judge has to consider when determining a jail sentence. If this is your first drunk driving offense and you have no aggravated charges, such as an extremely high blood alcohol content, transporting a minor or reckless driving, you can expect to receive anywhere from one day to one year in jail.

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