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What Is A Designated Driver?

Many methods are often used to prevent drunk driving.
Perhaps one of the most important (and most successful) is the concept of a designated driver. Each year, nearly 50,000 people owe their lives to designated drivers. This is simply a person who agrees to not drink any amount of alcohol so that they can safely drive their friends and family home.

Ensuring The Safety Of Others

Designated drivers have a respected role at sporting events and other social or work-related functions. After all, they are there to ensure their designated peers or family members get home safely. Some people who don’t drink alcohol but like to engage in social events prefer to be a designated driver for this very reason: no one will poke fun at them for not drinking because they have an important job. To help make a designated driver’s job a little more enjoyable, many establishments offer free, non-alcoholic drinks to those who have established themselves to be in this role.

Whether you are always the designated driver among your circle of friends or you choose to take turns being the designated driver, there are some tips to help you. First, have a plan before anyone starts drinking. It’s best to keep everyone’s car keys to ensure that no one leaves intoxicated and tries to drive themselves home. Alcohol affects mood, judgment and reasoning, so it’s best to do this before the party starts.

Use Persuasion, Not Coercion

If you notice a friend or family member trying to drive when they are intoxicated, don’t be confrontational. Instead, make a joke and remind them that you are there to help them as a favor. If you do not know the person or know them very well, try to enlist the help of someone who does know them. They will likely be able to persuade them not to drive because they have had too much alcohol.

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