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Falsely Being Accused Of Drunk Driving

Falsely Being Accused of Drunk Driving

You’ve probably read a book or watched a movie about a character being falsely accused of committing a crime. It’s an intriguing scenario that, in many cases, gets resolved in the character’s favor. Unfortunately, this is not limited to fiction or Hollywood. Being falsely accused of a serious crime, like drunk driving, happens to innocent people more often than you probably even realize.

Contact A Lawyer To Defend Your Case

If you feel that this has happened to you or someone you care about, please don’t wait to contact an experienced drunk driving defense attorney. You need the advice and skill set of someone who has successfully defended clients just like you. Even though you know that you are innocent, the prosecution will be quick to throw the book at you, so to speak. Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense and the consequences are severe. If you are convicted, even if it’s your first offense, you may face probation, expensive fines, loss of your driver’s license, substance abuse treatment, community service and even jail time.

In addition to hiring an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer, there are other steps you should take to ensure you build a solid defense. First, make a list of any possible witnesses who can attest to your innocence. Of course this information should be reviewed with your attorney, but it’s helpful for you to be just as prepared to speak on your behalf.

Record Everything That Might Prove Your Innocence

Secondly, document every detail of your case. Even if you think something might be insignificant, write it down and discuss it with your drunk driving lawyer. What may seem irrelevant to you could have a big impact on the successful outcome of your case.

Also, be sure to educate yourself. The more you know about drunk driving law, the more prepared you and your defense team will be. You cannot defend yourself if you don’t understand drunk driving laws in your state.

Finally, you have to know your rights. When you are arrested or even questioned by police, you do not have to tell them anything accept basic identification information, such as your name, address and birth date. This is where the phrase “you have the right to remain silent” should mean the most to you.

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